Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Old Friends and Co-workers, Snow ( a new four letter swear word) and Smart Phones

I am still sewing "magic" blocks but I got this from a friend and former co-worker. Nothing sewing wise to share so here is a little warped nurse humor! 

I just heard on the radio, another sleepless night, that in our area we usually have 33 inches of snow annually, this year we are already over 67 inches. If I wanted to live in Siberia, I would move there, despite Mr. Putin! And to counter the peculiar enthusiasm in some circles for the "glamour" of returning to the Cold War, really? This is not a television series, it is real life, real people, real fear. A little more research might be required beyond a short sighted editorial.  *while I do not normally go political here this is the item that caused my sleeplessness. Naive and narrow thinking. OK, I'm done.

I have resisted the call of the Smart Phone. I am very happy with my dumb phone.  I actually had to have the Best Buy people search high and lo for this one. It is a flip, it is small, it is me. Now the national news is highlighting all the foibles in the criminal element related to the Smart Phone. I always knew that playing dumb  had its advantages!

Today, despite the cold, the ice on my driveway and everything else, I am going to my Tuesday Sew and Sews, see you all in a few minutes!!!  Bringing this.
Vintage Quilt, Applique

What is this number?  (45)

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