Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daylight Savings Time

I cannot wait for Spring. Sewtopia seems stagnant, spiraling and sad. Changing the clocks to Daylight Savings time is one of those symbolic gestures that is a harbinger of the changes to come. I cannot wait! Oh, I think I already said that. Not much sewing during the week, this, but I am hopeful that after I finish today's chores I can get into the studio. I have a bit of a clean up (my usual Saturday) to do, I want to finish the first side sashes of the Magic Block that I started Last Weekend and just had too many interruptions to finish and of course the PJ's. Currently I am working on some fitting adjustments and design changes to the new patterns. I also need to work up some new aprons this week. So there you have it, since I am loosing an hour how likely is it that any of this will be accomplished? Wish me luck!

A little about cleaning routines in Sewtopia,  please feel free to ignore if this bores you senseless, I understand but I have a bit of a compulsive streak and it is just part of the world here. ((smile))

Lent and the time change marks the Major House Clean for me. Essentially Spring Cleaning. I like to have all these projects done before the gardening season arrives. Someone asked me about this the other day so I will give a brief explanation. I strip clean one room per week. That means top down dust, scrub, polish and clean and touch up paint, baseboards etc. and clean carpets if that room is carpeted. I like everything clean and organized by the time I am packing the Easter Baskets. I break the projects into workable segments that my arthritic pieces can tolerate and I am not overwhelmed. There are a few rooms where I can combine projects because they aren't really busy rooms and just need the basics. During the clean I have the opportunity to toss, donate or assess clothing and miscellaneous items that need to move on.  And yes, I have this process written down, organized in a notebook with to do lists and planning guides for large projects. Including budgets for the season. I know, it's a thing. This week is the kitchen and while I am wrapping up the clean I have decided to sew up some new kitchen curtains...............just add that to the list!

PS: about 6 years ago I bought a commercial grade steam cleaner. Let me just say that my heart is steaming away. 


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