Friday, March 14, 2014

Bloom Where You Are Today

tulips at the end of their bloom cycle
  • an hour here, an hour there, quilt blocks in progress
  • photo's taken without light, I like the effect
  • I did finish off a UFO quilt, for my dog. It is just too ugly to go anywhere else.
  • I did get an apron made. Photo's later. 
  • All the quilt blocks for the Magic have their little border frames done.  Photo's later.
  • I have been so busy this week that no Photo's were taken. But I will get to it, hopefully for next Friday. Next week is also pretty crazy, and actually the week after as well. Be well.

1 comment:

Jeanneke said...

Ugly or not, anything is better, even for a dog :>) than a store-bought blanket, my friend.


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