Friday, February 28, 2014

The Saturday Summary, The Month of February!

hated February
Nick Waterhouse-Time's All Gone,  I Can Only Give You Everything The best part about February? Yes, it is over. Talk about 28 days of  hurry up and go away. Hit The Road Jack at Daryl's House.

Just running my playlist while I am looking forward to some great Needle-worthy events for the month of March. We've got the Knit and Crochet Festival coming up and of course the  Three Rivers Quilt Guild Show.   Oh, and 6 to 12 inches of snow over the week-end. Good grief. Looking forward to see what the mini-quilt block of the month is from the Yahoo group. January was a "bear claw" passed on that one, not a favorite, the February one was a heart block, another miss for me. March has to be better, yes? This may not be the group for me. Lots of activity related to swaps, no time for that.  Early on, when I first joined there was all kinds of fuss about data base mix ups and some of the conversation was a bit off-putting. I am hanging in one more month then I will go my own way if it doesn't fit my schedule. It seems like a really friendly and active group but perhaps not a good fit for the time and style of work I want to do.  

I will try to pick up on the Magic Blocks again over the week-end. I am still designing a wool, crazy, applique and embroidered needle case. Still in the early design stages I have the basic shape and the base fabric cut.

oval shapes to trace
The plan was an oval. The oval is a difficult shape for me to draw. I tried several different tools and doo-dads etc. for the perfect sized and oval shape.  Then I looked up, nothing like a dish, platter, or cup to trace.

So pull off a piece of waxed paper, flip that platter over, trace the shape and we have a winner!Fold in half, in thirds, mmmmm? still in the design phase. Just check Pinterest, there are hundreds of ideas.  Not sure yet, updates to follow.  Wow this has been a long and difficult month but I'm still standing. I am going to stay up tonight to welcome March just as the clock strikes the new day. I will not be howling at the moon just in case you are wondering.  

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