Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Fashion for the Way I Live Now-Final Thoughts on a Friday (* warning I ramble a bit)

Busy week in Sewtopia but nothing involving a needle. While my Mother never understood the needle passion she accepted that it was who I was. Like many young women, from an early age,  I loved clothes. One day a little teaser card came in the mail announcing a new shop selling sewing machines, $25.00. A miracle. I had saved up that much babysitting (blah) and caring for neighbors horses (yeah.) So I whined and wheedled and moaned an groaned because at 13 I was still sewing on a 100 year old Treadle Sewing Machine. (currently in residence in my Sister's home) They gave in. Soon we were on our way to the shop. And yes, they did have sewing machines for $25.00. I think that is what they were anyway but over here we have a much better machine for a few more dollars. Well, I still only had $25.00. Not one easily coerced into passing out money, my Father was headed for the door. My Mother was giving me the look. I was giving her the look. The salesman was preening like cat looking for a mate. In the end, I got a better machine, I had to share it though. OK with me. From that moment on I was on a mission.

Garment making has taken a back seat for many years, I am not 13 anymore but I still need to wear clothes. I see RTW in poor quality, garish colors, and not my style. So I really need to tuck in and get some sewing done. Yes. I have said this before and got waylay ed by a new quilt but things are getting pretty desperate my pretties. We need to face the facts. Anyway, all that blather leads me to this plan.

I suspect that my search for the new Spring Wardrobe has been loosely based on a few pre-determined concepts.
  • I spent a large portion of my Professional life in a uniform.
  • Those years sans official uniform were still dominated by a corporate style uniform.
  • I am fashion lazy. As long as it goes together, it is cleaned, pressed and appropriate for the circumstance, it's all good. 
While she is always about great fashion and forward thinking style-wise, my friend Janice Riggs of  Vivianne Files gives me hope. I am amazed at those who really care about daily fashion. That ship sailed for me some time ago. There are bloggers in my age category (middle age and middle age +) who diligently keep up with style and fashion and are the epitome of what all the periodicals stress we need to maintain. I quilt.

That said, let me share some trends that Janice used to build a great versatile selection that would suit any age. Since I am on the verge of naked... warm weather clothing-wise... I  am taking her advice to heart. While I rarely have any need for formal attire I think we all recognize that a Tiara looks a little pretentious in any lady over the age of 7!  OK, back to Vivianne style.
Vivianne Files
Most likely and probably not for me.
view the whole story here

 This post (please just click on the link above) was suggested by a reader based on the color palette of a photograph in an issue of Architectural Digest of all things. And in her usual style Janice pulled it all together! She shows how each of these pieces can combine to create many looks. I have to mine the stash to see what fabrics, if any, I can use/substitute to make some of these pieces. I will not be making Jeans, that is a purchase thing. But the other pieces are doable if I finally get my act together. 

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