Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Iconic Chanel Cardigan Jacket-a Tutorial

Very good morning to everyone. I saw this information a few weeks ago and forgot to post it during the Holidays.  I suspect that some of those of us in the world of quilters still sew garments. If you are one of those talented people or you are curious about the construction methods of the iconic Chanel style jacket this tutorial is for you.

 It seems that the always popular Chanel Cardigan Jacket keeps popping up on my radar. It might be little signals from the universe, or it is so popular on the blogs and sites that I read it is inevitable that I will see it often. Remember Vogue 8804 by Claire Schaefer?  It caused quite the conversation on the blogs and in the sewing magazines. A beautiful rendition of the iconic style, it landed in my pattern stash, where it remains, unopened. Languishing. Waiting to be incarnated. This might  be the year. Or not. Time will tell. Where is she going with this thread? Well I will tell you that I was re-inspired after reading a comprehensive tutorial included in my Emma One Sock monthly newsletter. Meet Kathryn Brenne. A well documented and photographed article would inspire the non-Sewist to fire up Grannys old sewing machine and whip one of these up! Well, maybe not but it would make you understand why these jackets are so well made, fit so well and last so long. The real deal is waaaay beyond most of us in price, but the copy can be managed.  This copyrighted tutorial is indeed worth your time, The TutorialEmma One Sock Tutorial.

  • If I find the Inspiration Fabric I am more likely to make this one. 
  • It would need to be a Spring project.
  • Difficult to find notions are linked in the article.
  • Where did I store that hair canvas? Did I give it away? 
  • Vogue Patterns Magazine did a two part series on this pattern as well. I have part 1.

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