Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Morning Miscellany

January 2014
A favorite must read every time.

While watching Downton Abbey I crocheted another Spindle Doily for one of the machines, not sure which one yet. Probably Miss Lolly after she has had "work" done!

A close-up, my instructions to myself on mini-legal pad. I use those little pads everywhere, for everything. Some I will sort and re-write my patterns and organize them in a nice neat little notebook. Note to that.
Those little thread snips are new to me in design. I picked them up last week while shopping for fabric at a nice little sale. The blades are actually razor blade type things. Sharp, sharp, sharp. I went back and picked some up for my TRQ gift baskets.

quilt pattern
So here is the big kahuna. I ordered this from over a week ago. I usually get what I order in 3 days. I was getting worried I have to tell you. I searched the local Joann's etc. and they did not have this book. Why you ask? Well, there is a charming on-line Yahoo group called Small Quilt Talk. I discovered the group via  The Sentimental Quilter Blog.
These ladies make the most fantastic small quilts and many use this book as a reference. There is a 2014 Monthly challenge on-going. The block for January is Bear Claw.

bear claw
Ta-Da, I am going to take my book to a binder and have a spiral-lay flat binding applied. I don't like wrestling with books while I work.

view from my perch, my work basket at hand, Christmas decor packed away.

spindle doily
And since I had the pink variegated thread in the basket, I made another. At least I accomplished something yesterday!

  • Blogger is getting really twitchy again. Not happy about that. Am considering a move......
  • One more room to deconstruct and de-decorate, next year, I am going to re-evaluate the whole process. Lots of "re's" in that sentence. 
  • Since I am already two weeks behind in the Jan small quilt block I need to get on that.
Have a lovely Monday. 

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