Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Tuesday Sew and Sew Member is a Sno-bird!

I am sure that the Snow bird reference was not exactly like this but I just could not resist sharing this photo. Ducks are such characters. Many years ago I gave my not-yet husband a Duck for Easter. We named him Goliath. He lived in the Franternity house. It quickly became evident that this might not be the best arrangement and Goliath came home to live out his days eventually in a local park. Long story. too cute 

Anyway, back to my original purpose.  Our Sew and Sew member Linda Sue is spending her winter in  Southern comfort. She posted a photo of her quilt today. You may recall the center square in progress a couple months ago. Very nice! visit her here
Ready for the Hatteras Island Quilters holiday party. Have to improvise on the island!

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