Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quilters Insight- Following Trends, Finding Time

Sent to me by a lovely quilting friend with a wicked sense of humor.

I really appreciate a comment like this on a day like today. It is cold here, my bones are unhappy, yesterday I wore shoes that reminded me that while I have a long way to go in the getting your head together part the body is winning the race! I still have Jelly Roll Quilts on the brain.
Jelly Roll Quilt, available from Etsy Seller here

My thoughts today are seen through the filter of last nights Quilt Guild Meeting. We were encouraged by a local quilt shop owner, in a colorful presentation, to embrace the "new" colors and trends. Many new designers are coming forth with fresh ideas and more modern perspective on color and design. I was certainly inspired by the fabrics, books  and tools she displayed. But I couldn't help but consider all the fabrics in my stash waiting for their debut as a quilt or a quilted piece. While I am fully aware that inanimate objects have no emotions, I do remember how excited I was when I found them, bought them, brought them home and admired them. I have not been buying much quilting fabric since our Tuesday group inspired me a few years ago. We created a virtual island where there was no new fabric available and if you wanted to make a quilt, or whatever, you had to use your stash or borrow from another member. It is still a good perspective on my part. Of course, the quilt shop survives on its trends and sales, but I don't really follow trends. I have many "tools" that I use rarely if at all. Books, well, they have to be special. (A little disclaimer here, I just bought two new quilting books for a special project. I will review them on another post.)  Books are lifelines to me. I am a voracious book reader and make no excuses for that. My quilting library is extensive. While I don't make something from every book, hardly, they inspire me and provide endless entertainment.
another one, available here

My second take away last night was a little unexpected but has been kicking around with me for a long time. One of our new members, a lovely and friendly young woman, asked me and a few others how we find time to quilt. As much as I would like to be a daily, disciplined quilter, as often as I have tried to develop a routine that accomodates that, it has been hit and miss. I tend to be a binge sewer. I get all my house work and cooking done for the day and have at it. Hours and hours at a time. While this is not optimum, I do manage to get some work done. Another friend revealed that she chooses to sew daily after dinner.  She works an hour or two at a time and manages to get a lot done. Her productivity certainly supports her process. I am thinking I might try that time slot as well.

this one, a different take, here
Do you schedule your quilting time? Is quilting a daily exercise or do you tuck it in between everything else?

*as always I imply or receive no compensation from any of the ETSY sellers featured. I just googled: jelly roll quilts and these popped up. They are all lovely. I wanted to include links to provide the reader an opportunity to view their websites and purchase if desired. 

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