Thursday, October 11, 2012

This and That at the Studio Kat and Sewing With Leah


Meet the Uptown Saddle Bag. While I have not jumped into the purse making trend yet, this lady makes some fabulous, I mean fabulous patterns. The design elements are well thought out, tested and fabricated. This is the newest pattern and Kathy documents her design and testing process in great detail. Her site also has video's, free patterns, tutorials, and accessories for your convenience. Please check this out. It is a Virtual Field Trip!
Do You Know Kathy Southern? Studio Kat Designs?
The Assistant, Kat
The Famous Porta Pockets sewn by on the talented Pattern Testers. Amazing. (She lives near me but I don't know her!)

There are several other note worthy artists making fabulous bags. I think I mentioned Leah's sew along a few weeks ago, but truthfully, it may have all been in my mind, what's left of it anyway. So here is another link to tickle your creative spirit.

Meet Leah Williams of the blog Sew Spoiled. A multi-talented blogger she will show and teach you everything from making blouse conversions from a man's shirt to making a lovely bag. A few weeks ago she started a tutorial for a sew along and is all the way up to the 5th post now, but you can always catch up if you are interested.  Here is the beginning post of the series on how to make the fabulous bag.

As always I have no affiliation and receive no compensation from featuring the artists on my little corner of the blogosphere.  But I do so enjoy giving good reviews to those who work so hard and use the format to make their way in the world. Great work. While there are many more, these are just two that I follow regularly.*for some reason I have a duplicate photo of the porta pockets that I cannot remove without loosing the whole magilla. So please enjoy both photo's, think of it as a two-pher.  Gratuity Moment: that I have not, remarkably, lost my patience while fussing around with this post.   

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gwensews said...

I love StudioKat bag patterns. I have made some of her bags, and seen many more. They are very good. Can't go wrong with a Kat Bag.

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