Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sew and Sew Round-Up, October 2, 2012

see the fishes?
 As the year draws to a close we are wrapping up our service projects. Made from donations and scraps, these little beauties showcase skills and define generosity. The first one is a group effort. I am not sure who all contributed to this one (I was busy Yakking away with someone I suppose) but it is a cutie. In nice water colors with a fish theme, someone will really enjoy studying the varied blocks.

Now, Kay says she is getting a little tired of the scrappy quilts but you sure cannot tell by looking at this one!
Love it!
Remember Jenny, our quilter who has started painting and dyeing her own fabric? Well, she made this book-mark using her fabrics. 

Just look at that bead fringe....I need this!

Jenny's Mother, Marion, took the hand painted and dyed fabrics and LOOK, beautiful! The shading and the movement in the fabric are flawless. 

Smile for your close up Dearie!
Never one to dawdle around our Rose has been a very busy bee. She has taken the little wooden tea boxes, sanded them down and carved little Quilt-like designs on the sides! I know, cute, yes?

I feel like such a slug lately. This group (I may have mentioned this in the past) is industrious, talented, and generous. Hope you have enough stitching to keep you happy, if not, give us a ring.

Well, the Give and Take Bag came home again with me today. This is a shopping bag (of the brown paper variety, DSW I think) that we use to pass around scraps and strips of fabric that we want to donate, share, or divest. We pass it around through the group and anyone can take or add to it as they choose. I didn't get a chance to study it yet but there seems to be a lot more fabric in there. Right now it is in the trunk of my car, with a large selection of Quilting Stencils that will be shared at the Guild meeting, I have a little selection of books, notebooks with fabric samples and multiple tote bags with partially finished projects that need a "certain" fabric. That way, when I find a quilt shop, I can take the totes in and search for just the right piece of fabric! The trunk is sort of filling up with stuff. I think I will do some fall cleaning there tomorrow, I had no room for groceries today!

Salmon colored Rose

 Gratuity Moment: two dear ladies in the supermarket who consoled my MIL in her grief and sorrow. It is hard learning to buy food for just one person now.

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