Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Last Blooms in the Back Garden

The begonias were stunning. My local greenhouse had a sale one day, $5.00 for the huge baskets, they needed room to start the fall flowers, this was at the end of June. For $10.00 I got quite a bargain, the original retail was $40.00, each. They are still blooming and beautiful!
 In the land of Sewtopia much more goes on than needlework. This Sewist is most happy with a variety of activities. I am not a gardener, but I do plant stuff and hope for the best. It is my dream to have the perfect landscaping, but living on the side of a little mountain, in the woods, complicates that a bit.  I do what I can with only small amounts of flat space. You want hills, I've got hills, flat, not so much!
 In a little patch under my kitchen window, where a special Azalia bush had gone to compost, Husband planted his Zinnia seeds in nice little rows, somewhat late in the season actually. In July I think. But they stuck their little stems up toward the sun and have given us much pleasure for the end of the season.
 These are the last of the blooms. A little past their prime, they still are doing their best to brighten their space. 
 Pretty little girls, they have proven to be great cutting flowers. I like to always have fresh flowers in the house. It is something we need to keep our days bright during the long cloudy months.
 The hydrangea did not do well this year because it was so darn hot and I was so busy and did not water as faithfully as I should have. I apologize, I will do better next year. I promise.

 With just its ray flowers remaining, the cone of this one is going into a fall display.

 The buds that fall off before their prime get arranged in little glasses, in rows down the dining table or popped here and there for color. I cannot toss a pretty flower.

Over exposed, but beautiful.

Gratuity Moment: late planting.Now to plant the Spring bulbs......................

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