Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fine French Knots

I wanted to share these little mini-quilts while I am busy doing other things. Some time ago, Rose brought these little pieces of art to our weekly quilt group. I have always been a big fan of French Knots, but this interpretation is really pretty.
First, let me apologize for not having much better pictures of these two projects. I will try in the future to improve my close-ups because the work deserves much better. This is an outstanding little pieced mini-quilt, but the kicker is the French Knots. Many, many colorful and dimensional French Knots. But even more interesting is the pattern source. Rose translated these from Cross-Stitch patterns. Yes, Cross-Stitch. Like Rose, I have many more Cross-Stitch patterns than I will ever use in three lifetimes. And my Cross-Stitch is really not that good. This may even work for me!

This is another one. My photography skills are more than lacking here. I want a better photo of each of these little bundles of flowers, in French Knots! I cannot believe how gorgeous these are. Anyone would love to have these pieces in their collection. Always looking for inspiration, these have really spiked my interest. 

Gratuity Moment: Dear Friends who permit me (and my cameras) to click away and to share their genius. Thank You All.

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Jeanneke said...

The French Knots works are magnifique!

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