Sunday, January 3, 2016

Season 6, Episode 1: Does Not Dissappoint!

It is no wonder that this program series is the most popular series ever on television. The opening season provided just enough plot line to enchant, inform and intrigue!!!

The costumes certainly did not disappoint.
costume-designs/read costume designer Anna Robins notes on the design and fabrics.
  1. Trends I noticed early on in the costume design. An under blouse/shell barely visible under Lady Mary's suit. A silky fabric, tonal embroidery or ribbon work around the neckline. Last Days of Downton ...Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey 6.01..
  2. Stunning dressing gown, Asian inspired,  in a languid turquoise brocade featuring apple blossoms and flowing kimono sleeves, again Lady Mary,
  3. An off-white night gown and bed jacket, simple straight cut with seeded embroidery at the neckline and the sleeve edge of the bed jacket. 
  4. Brocades, lace and embroidery. On every gown and blouse. Pleated skirts with long tunic tops
  5. Top stitching in geometric designs on night ware and day wear. Screengrabs: PBS
  6. Beads, beads, beads.
  7. Fur trims.
Downton Abbey Season 6:
Coats and day wear more tailored and detailed.
Lady Mary season VI ..rh: Lady Mary and Lady Edith in their evening gowns on Downton Abbey.: Cora - Downton Abbey, Christmas Special 2015 ..:

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