Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Day on the Farm

 Well, not literally but a nice visit to pick up our seasonal Strawberries and some other great items that this little farm market carries. Like special home made jellies, jams and syrups. If you are local you might have heard of or visited Triple B Farms in Elizabeth, Pa. I have been going here for a very long time and yearly it gets better. Very popular in the Fall, the pumpkin patch brims with the beauty of the surroundings and produce.

Some times you just need a day on the farm, right? Anyway, I am in the middle of lots of projects and still have lots of yard work to do so I am going to take a little blog break this week. Hopefully I will have something Quilty to show at the end of it.....or not :)   I will probably re-post some favorites from the last few years if auto-post is working.

  • This time of year is so busy. Today the Pierogi factory is in gear. This is a special needs project. It is true, sometimes some people actually need pierogi.
  • Strawberry preserves need to be made.
  • Herbs need to be picked, washed, dried and packaged.
  • Flowers still need to be planted.
  • Lots of other non-quilting projects need to be handled this week, so have a wonderful June week. Remember that every day, absolutely every day, has its rewards and something to learn. Cherish the day, the loved ones, and the lessons.  

Amazing Flower Video sent by a great Quilty Friend! Enjoy! Thanks Terri:)

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