Friday, April 3, 2015

The Sentinals-Quilts of a Different Theme

Now and then one experiences a new art form.  These small quilts were a challenge project for another Quilting Group and part of the TRQ. Their entry in the show clearly illustrates just how far art and tradition can combine to create lovely and unusual pieces. These quilt figures are called Sentinels. From my experience the sentinel is the watcher, the look out and the strong unseen presence in our lives.

Each quilter took the the theme and interpreted in her own fashion. Each one is beautiful, unique and special. 

My photo;s do not show them properly and I do apologize for that. They are stunning.

Glorious color and trim with innovative quilting allows each design to stand on its own.

The fabrics are dimensional and permitted to add texture to what would otherwise be a flat piece of fabric.

These each remind me of the beautiful icons one sees in churches all over the world.
A little explanation.
 A couple links for you:

Antique Dolls, a beautifully curated blog. 

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