Sunday, April 5, 2015

Quilting, Machine Quilting With a Ruler

 Good Morning Monday Sewists! It was a busy weekend for me and I suspect for you as well. I wanted to show you this stunning quilt. Precision piecing makes it almost too good to be true. The patience, the color theory and the foresight to see how dynamic this one would be, The maker of Solar Vortex is Joy Beaumont-Brieck, an amazing talent. I think this one was straight line quilted but my photo does not necessarily confirm that.

  Now this one is different. It first caught my eye because of the acid green background color but if you look closely there are many patterns and shapes here. The placement of the wedge shapes make them appear to be layered.  

Always looking for unusual quilting designs I can always count on Natalia Bonner for divine design. I have mentioned in the past that my Free Motion Quilting tends to lean to swags and swirls. I think that is fairly easy to accomplish with a domestic as well as a long arm machine. Ruler work on the other hand is much trickier.  

 My mid-arm machine requires ME to to move or rotate the fabric as the machine sews. Using a long arm machine on a stationary frame permits the stitcher to drive the machine and not need to hold on to all the fabric at the same time.

Natalia is a pro. Her skill is dynamic to say the least. Please click on the link to see this beautiful quilt and her blog post about it. 

Natalia Bonner, Piece N Quilt,

I have done little work with the rulers because I am quite frankly intimidated by the whole business. With that machine stitching along and my fingers right in there by the needle while juggling the ruler, I see an accident waiting to happen.
  • I swear that quilt shops and machine shops have some kind of magic in the air. When I bought my mid-arm machine there were lots of rulers that I was sure that I would need. Not really high-pressured by the seller it was just assumed that I really needed those rulers. Uh-huh, define need!
  • I will experiment on small pieces first. I had some problems with the ruler slipping, I think I need to change the presser foot as well. I need to read the instructions again, it has been a while.
  • I am quite sure that ruler work is much easier on a long arm machine.
  • I swear with every holiday that I am not going to have the big "do."   But if don't do this, no one will and it is important to me that we recognize the Holidays, particularly the faith based Holidays and honor our traditions. I find that difficult to do in a restaurant. 
  • I don't cook as much as I used to, we are a small group but there are still plenty of left-overs to send with them. 
  • Back to work, back to routines today. That is how I do best, organized and goal driven. It's the little things, you know, that keep us sane. 
  • In a round about way I received a marvelous gift this Easter. Seeing a dear friend who was lost and now is found, prayers have been answered, an example of Amazing Grace.

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