Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Non-Quilting Post, A New Cross-Stitch Project

A great new Freebee from Marly of Samplers and Santa's Blog

I suspect that I am not the only quilter who dabbles in other types of needlework. Right now I have so many projects in limbo I feel sort of guilty finding another one calling me. Posted on Facebook today this darling piece by Marly is shared as one of her free projects. I provided a link to her site and the list of other free charts available. If you cross-stitch this might be the one to bring you back to the craft or to add to your collection.

Marly has a talent for dyeing fabrics and combining thread colors to achieve the Primitive style she prefers. To achieve this a great deal of talent is required, talent I do not possess and don't see in development any time soon. So....I will continue to do my little cross-stitch projects and wish they were nearly as original and special as Marly's.

  • We are so fortunate to have access to outstanding design via the internet. In years past, not that long ago, this did not exist.
  • The sun is peeking through heavy rainclouds as a write this. Early Spring in Western Pa. is like this, we have been known to have Four Seasons in one day. Really,
  • I have to smile at the multiple uses some new lifestyle guru's have discovered for Mason jars and Jelly jars. Add tape, glitter, rocks, fairy lights and you have craft art. I would have been mortified in childhood if I had to drink from a Mason jar, it would have been so tacky.  Now I see them as nostalgic, sweet, comforting.
  • My chives are doing splendidly, they survived another Winter. The parsley is struggling a little.
  • An Easter gift from a dear Cousin, a Red Hyacinth, is popping up with great promise. I will do some progress pics if I remember. A distracting week this is.
This salad was a big hit at my Easter dinner. Here is the link to Kitchen Chronicles if you are interested. The Easter Orzo, Spinach and Feta Salad.


Yvonne said...

I cross stitched a lot before I discovered quilting. Still one of my favourite things to do. Lover the pictures of the Lancaster Quilt show. Four years ago we went there with 7 woman from the Netherlands and had so much fun. Like to go back some day!

celkalee said...

Hi Yvonne, glad you like the quilt show pics but I need to tell you these are not Lancaster. These are from the Three Rivers Quilt Show in Pittsburgh, Pa. Our show is one of the largest and finest juried and judged shows in the area. Please feel free to visit us as well at the end of March next year. Our theme will be flowers.

Cross stitch is one of those needlework disciplines that come and go in popularity. I think it is always popular with me, te, he.

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