Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Downton Fashion, Some Sources


Influences of Downton style have been showing more and more in fashion. The current time period of the show, post World War One, illustrates transition in the world and fashion.

In May 2013 Vogue UK, (here) announced the release of a clothing line in the Downton style. I am wondering if we will see sewing patterns. Quilting fabric is already available in the Quilt Shops. Lovely prints, nice color palette,  small, medium and large scale prints suitable for quilting projects and perhaps some garment pieces as well.

Glamour Magazine. Co.Uk has a nice little slide show of favorite fashions if you have an interest. The black dress below has influenced some RTW holiday fashions this season. If you sew, the basic concept is simple, the beading and hand work however, not so much!

dinner gown

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