Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't Cry Over Spilled Sauce

Real friends cuddle each other's heads.
I have a friend who has a kitty who resembles this one. The story here.

Not everything is all  glamor  in Sewtopia in case you were wondering. Not even close. I have a routine of cleaning my kitchen on Mondays. About once per month I use my commercial steam cleaner on every available surface. I know, sounds a little excessive but that's how I roll. This Monday was steam day. 306 degrees and 64 psi, let me tell you this baby will steam up your spectacles! We were sparkling.

Tuesday, I made spaghetti sauce. Tuesday I dropped the pot, from counter height, hit the floor with a commotion equivalent to testing a nuclear weapon. It is amazing to see just how far red sauce can travel under such circumstances!  I should have taken a photo. I had on a white shirt too, thankfully my apron was at ground zero, and ironically it was red. How cool is that? So how does all this translate to the Quilting life? Sadly, in spite of  re-clean, in the brilliant light of day reflected by snowfall  I missed a lot during the wipe-down. So instead of my much anticipated Full Day Thursday in the Studio, it will be most of the day with the steamer.  Mmmmmmmmm,  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, oh well.
Jackson Pollock should have done this all in reds, with red, orange and yellow peppers included my sauce mess resembled this!

*tomorrow is Handmade Holiday, I found a fantastic party favor for your Christmas dinner or party and the best part is that they can be made in advance to reduce your last minute flurry! sewing required :)

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