Saturday, July 21, 2018

Our Most Often Stated Quote...Since Last Week!

Just a word to the Sewtopia audience, I appreciate your patience with the lack of sewing/quilting content here lately. Thankfully, my dear quilty friends have been supplementing my own lack of progress! I was not able to attend the weekly gathering last week, for the coming week I am more hopeful.
Several years ago I came upon a blog that has touched me and entertained me ever since. The Blogger John, with his wit and conversational style, has kept me and many others entertained and informed about his life in a little village in Wales. Catching up on back posts this morning I came upon this little sketch, it seemed appropriate. Mr. Sewtopia has kindly and unfailingly taken the night shift with Dear Lola. We remind each other (sometimes hourly) that she is a baby and by-the-way....It is a good thing she is so cute! This first stage of training is arduous for any dog lover but we are used to adult, already trained dogs. We haven't had a puppy to train since 1974! And again, It is a good thing she is so cute!

Its Time to Quilt Quilter's Pressing Pad 14"x14" by 100% wool ironing mat-Holds heat when pressing to provide professional results with ease-Conveniently sized for travel
That brings me to a little tool time information. Over the last year or so many quilting blogs, professional and hobby, have tested and commented on using a felted wool press mat to get those nice flat seams and points. I have debated this purchase but finally thought it was time to take the leap. I had an older pressing cloth from my active garment making days that I used for pressing lapels etc. but it went to its reward some time ago. It had a lovely workout for about 20 years and had started to leave a lingering odor of burning hair in its wake, so off you go. Unable to head to the shops I scanned Amazon and chose one that should suit my needs. (*to be clear, I always shop local quilt shops for my needs to support local business but being unable to get out recently I opted for the shopping site of all shopping sites. I feel a bit guilty but there you have it! )

Several quilting friends strongly feel that this mat has provided the quality press they were seeking. I will review after some trial. 

Another tool time story.
Not that long ago I washed a large load of white T shirts when putting the short sleeve versions in rotation for warm weather. Of course, this was the day when some testing was being done at the water tower and bits of rust must have coursed its way through the pipes and found purchase on my whites! Happiness was not the emotion expressed! The solution was simple though. This product works wonders on rust stains and ironically on tomato stains too. 
After, rinse with cool water, then gone. Sometimes you need an extra drop or two if the stain has been heat set with the dryer!

Everything in that load of clothes had some rust. I dipped a Q-tip in the solution and just dabbed the spots. I have seen this item in grocery stores, hardware stores and online. Amazon.
  • Link to the Going Gently Blog
  • What a week, I was fortunate to be one of many persons informed that the blood pressure medication I have taken for many years has been found to contain a "carcinogen" and I must stop it immediately. Manufactured in China, their standards are questionable and I still cannot believe we farm this process to them. It took a few days for anger to replace my "what next" mentality. Check your prescriptions. I was notified by my pharmacy, doctor contacted, replacement drug ordered. I don't do well switching medications. I had just refilled said contaminated medication and spent well over $100 as well. I could have bought 4 or 5 pressing mats with that money! There are NO refunds, by the way.  
  • back to the original reason for this post, I am tired, not quitting, just resting.
Have a lovely weekend. Summer is zooming along. The back-to-school ads have been running on TV recently and in print ads in the newspaper. Our local district posted an item about the plans for increased security at all our schools. It is tragic that we must have armed retired state troopers and fbi agents in our schools but that is the way of the world now. Heart breaking.  



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