Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Machine Embroidery and Trapunto

Wow, we really learned a lot in this class. Not the best photo of the finished product but I am amazed that I actually was able to do this. (with help) Each feature of the design is developed in the computer and transferred to embroidery. Many, many steps involved. Fortunately, the written instructions led me step by step through the process. 
Confession time. A take a few classes relating to embroidery to learn how to use my Destiny. I have mentioned in the past that this machine is a computer that sews. Embroidery and in-the-hoop assembly is a fairly new concept in the market and it takes some learning. 
When I returned home I started making another heart center from a light gray fabric that was provided in our kits that I did not use, I chose the off-white fabric. I was hoping I could follow the written instructions and go from there. Trapunto by machine is a different animal Sewists, I think I have it though.
This class was held at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino's taught by Debi Kuennen Baker. She is retiring as a Baby Lock Ambassador to pursue other interests closer to home. Ours was her very last class. Debi is a great teacher and led my class and two before me in the complicated process of making this little pillow. While a finished project is always the purpose of these classes I honestly don't finish most of them. There are several reasons for that. Number one, how many little zippered pouches do you really need? I need space and time to work. So, Number Two, not optimum set ups tend to not work for me. I absorb content, learn something with every class, but I know what works best for me and a small work space and sharing a machine does not.
So. you hoop a no-show mesh stabilizer in a large hoop. I used my 9 1/2 by 9 1/2. After building the design in the IQ system, the machine takes over. This micro-stipple acts as a knock down stitch. Under the fabric is one layer of a low loft poly batting. The knock-down stitch creates the dimension of the design in relief. 
 That said, this class checked off all my buttons. The class size was small, the teacher well prepared and written instructions very good.  We each had our own top of the line Baby Lock Destiny machine. I didn't have to bring mine. Thank you! I just can't haul that monster anymore. That is NOT a portable machine. The wonderful ladies that work for Gloria cut all the fabric, stabilizer, batting and cording into kits before class. No time wasted cutting. Everything was set up and ready to go when we walked in the door.
A close up. As always,  the Baby Lock Destiny gives a perfect stitch. Please note the red mini-piping. What a great way to feature the design! It was fun to make as well.
 Trimming and pressing stations were set up in the back of the classroom and everything you need was there and ready. THIS is the way to run an event. We even were gifted "Fascinators" to wear while working as a nod to the royal wedding!
Here you see the quilting on the fabric parts of the pillow. These were strips added to each side, top and bottom (like a quilt border) then quilted with a Serpentine stitch using the Digital Walking Foot. I also used my laser beam function to guide my stitches. By placing the guide beam on the prior row, just touching the peaks of the prior row of stitching you can maintain an even distance between the rows.
As always, a hot and cold beverage station was available all day, a buffet lunch was provided as well as afternoon cookies and candy.
Cute, yes?
Now this, the Candlewicking Stitch, placed (with some difficulty I might add) around the heart is probably my favorite design element and it was an after thought. I love the design, the dimension and the me it reminds me of a string of pearls. You build the design in IQ then transfer it to the computer, then press embroidery and the machine spaces your stitches to achieve the perfect distance between each pearl.
The amazing Digital Walking Foot. This foot is adjustable to feed the fabric at varying speeds to achieve that look. No slip, no puckers, no bad words were said. This foot works miracles with slippery fabrics and minky as well as fleece and layers of a quilt. It can actually removed a bump, tuck or ripple while stitching.
We inserted an invisible zipper. At the event a serger was offered for a quick application or you could use a traditional sewing machine and a zipper foot.
  • I keep taking classes that interest me to learn all the functions of my machine. I am fairly sure I will never be able to do it all but I am giving it my best. 
  • I need inspiration, classes and like-minded souls help me with that. 

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