Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sewtopia- On The Road

Last week started out about the weather. Looks like this week will as well. Our decision to head to Ohio quilt country was an impulse decision mostly. We had a small travel window of opportuity and decided to leave on a rainy day and hope for improvement during the week.  There was improvement rain-wise but an early Fall visited us there.

My favorite part of visiting this area is to enjoy the beauty of the Mennonite farms, their animals, their fields and their gardens. Always friendly and accommodating here, we were treated to the sights, sounds and scents of early Fall in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Ohio. This mama and baby came right to the fence to greet us. Many goats, sheep, dairy cows and grazing cattle everywhere.

One beautiful garden after another. Around every house, barn and out-building, garden beds were curated to enhance the property. This is just one of so many. I chose not to photograph houses there, it felt intrusive. We remarked about how every single property, every field, every fence line, was clear of weeds and road side trash  which is becoming a terrible eyesore in my area. (that is another subject for another time)
The re-constructed covered bridge is in Walnut Creek. The corn and maize are being harvested now, by hand, via sickle and scythe. Large flat bed wagons pulled by draft horses dot every field and farm.
The end of the day for this old girl, she is having her evening meal and hanging with her girls.
Evening in Mondo, dinner done, Hubs and Granny watching the TV and checking on the storm updates. Please excuse clutter.
I'm at the table, working on the eternal (and I mean eternal) EPP project that travels with me here and there. I am rather weary of the project I must say. I am thinking of putting it away for a while. But then again, I want it done.

Conclusions from this field trip:
  • Things change. There are several quilt shops in Berlin and surrounding communities. I have rather changed my taste in fabric. I have a significant stash so finding something new or different is getting difficult. I bought nothing. Absolutely nothing. Husband needed resuscitation. 
  • Commercialization is infecting our communities. I seek hand made local crafts when I travel. They become momento's of good times. While many shops offered lovely Fall items, I have the same things at home. I can buy a foreign made basket anywhere. I bought nothing, absolutely nothing. Husband needed pie, comfort food to him.
  • Good wholesome food remains available there. I bought a cook book.
  • We have never traveled without our Lucy. It was peculiar. In most RV parks mornings and evening is dog walking time. We leash them up, gather our little poo-bags and set off. We all chat, our dogs greet and we exchange news and information of the day. Without a dog I felt like I was missing much of the joy of this type of travel, without Lucy there was no companion to share our little explorations. A new way to live. Not sure how this is going to work. I am not ready for another dog yet but I know there is at least one in the future. Not likely a large working dog, I am not sure I have the energy to train another large dog. But, we will see... you never know what is around the corner.  
  • Since this is now off-season, everything, I mean everything closes at 5 pm. That left long evenings for sight seeing which was the best part of this trip. I was totally inspired by the work ethic of the Mennonite community. Holmes County Ohio boasts the largest Mennonite/Amish community in the world. I came home with a refreshed spirit that I needed. 
For all my dear friends in the path of this horrible storm, my thoughts and prayers. There are no words to describe my anxiety for you. Take great care.


Marsha Splenderosa said...

I have to tell you how much your visit to my place meant to me. So, I came here, read what you've written and now I'm following YOU !! I love this road trip story, I wish I could drive somewhere like this with my doggie with me. I know you lost your beloved friend, but I also must tell you that she had a very very long life for a Lab. So she had a really good home, I know. They are beloved for certain. Near the end of his life, my husband refused to leave the house without our Poodle, FiFi, who weighted 7 1/2 lbs. She was his comfort. I think I've made a new friend and I'm so happy. With all the sad and bad news of the weather it has been so difficult the past few weeks. I'm fine and so is everyone in our family, but my hometown has been devastated. This was a biblical flood. And, I've wondered if our Lord is sending a message about our hideous behavior. Sending a big hug from Houston Texas....

celkalee said...

Hello Marsha, I have read Splenderosa for years. You are a style icon to me! Yes, our pets are our family and the connections we make give us the opportunity to be better people. I know you are working hard in Huston to try to support and put things back together. So glad your fundraiser was so successful. I do believe that the storms, the fires and the threats are signals. Will we heed them is the question. Take care.

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