Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Popsicles and Icicles-The Second Finished of The Three Sisters of Summer 2017 Quilts

Here she is, the first quilt quilted on the new Coronet. This one was pieced a while ago waiting for the Coronet. The intention was to make it a practice piece, and that it is! Because the quilts in this series of three are made from left-over bright fabrics from other projects and quilted using the new machine I am calling them The Three Sisters of Summer 2017. I will be making labels for them, that is a project in progress. I have a neat idea that I plan to try when the Destiny II upgrade is installed but that is a subject for another day! (if you are new to this blog you need to understand that I am a gadget, widget, machine person!💓)
Since I also had a couple white and off-white Jelly Rolls they also were permitted to participate.

This quilt was quilted using all my usual patterns because I wanted to learn how to work the machine in patterns that were familiar to me.

Loops and Leaves, swirls and swoops are easy to make and cover the surface quickly. The binding on Sister #2 is the same as Sister #1, the left over dotted jelly roll, joined in strip sets and cross cut in 2 1/2 inch strips and short ends joined. I made lots of this. I didn't quilt that last red border. Didn't like the off white Isacord on that fabric and I was going to look for another thread to use. Didn't have anything on hand so decided to leave it for now. Remember, these three quilts are all left overs from other projects!   

I pieced the back using a fat quarter grouping that I must have picked up at a shop hop event a couple years ago. Not my style, or colors but I always feel like I need to pick up something at each shop. I know, it is a bit sappy but our independent quilt shop owners sponsor these events to sell stuff, not just to entertain us!
Lessons learned on this one:
  • I need more practice. 😀 This is my expression when that machine is getting away from me. I used the "Regulated mode" (stitch regulator engaged) and the cruise method on this one. Let me tell you, they have a stitch per minute regulator on this machine. I never ever thought I could do 1500 stitches per minute. WRONG! If you move the machine fast, like in a big swoop for a feather stem, yowsers, that baby is going to win the race. If you pay attention to what you are doing, this will not happen.   
  • Of course, I thought that I would find a way to load and reload the quilt more efficiently than illustrated on the videos. WRONG! Stick to the rules tootsie, there is a reason they demonstrate it this way. 
  • I have cut my quilting time way down. I have to check the hour counter on the machine but I think I completed it in about 4-5 hours. That doesn't count the loading business.
  • Speaking of that, it is sort of a pain on a larger quilt. Load, check boundaries, stitch, move quilt, get my idea? But it is good. I don't have room for one of the big girls. This is my compromise. A long time ago I said...."I will never need another quilting machine" when I bought the sit-down Handiquilter Sweet 16. I lied. The whole arthritis and stress on my joints business changed that. I really liked that machine. This machine eliminates this. 
  • One more quilt in this series. Same family of bright colors and whites. I am getting tired of these colors but determined to use up all these left over pre-cuts. 
  • Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain, The Cascades.  

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