Friday, July 14, 2017

Making Cake Now

My contrast fabric is a solid Bella from Moda.
My main fabric is a Christmas Collection "Winter Wonderland" from Bunny Hill Designs. I think I bought this last year....I'm running a little behind. This is only one of the fabrics in the 42 designs.

Have you seen/heard about the Moda Cake Mix Recipe Blocks? Well, I sort of did but didn't really study the process until recently. Much like the "Thangles" of the prior decade, these are paper squares, 10 inches to be exact, so that you can pop one on a 10 inch layer cake pre-cut, stitch, cut the blocks and viola', you have an accurately stitched block with nice points. What a great idea!

The one I have is #4 in the series. These are available at most quilt shops that stock Moda Pre-cuts, online and Amazon. Prices are all pretty much the same from what I have seen.

Can you see the little directional arrows printed on the stitching line? Geez, I think even I can follow this! Start with the star.....

I'm going all Merry Christmas on this one.   
I spoke with an amazing quilter who has taught a class on this process. She had a few pointers:
  • each 10 inch square is a light and a dark, right sides together
  • place the paper cake block on top of the square, preferably with the lighter block face up-makes it easier to see the stitching lines
  • use pins, even if you are not a "pinner" the pins are needed to keep the layers from shifting as you sew all those bias edges
  • shorten stitch length to 1.8
  • follow the arrows, stitch along
  • sew on the dotted lines, cut on the solid lines
  • trim carefully after cutting
  • get ready to replace your cutting blade at the end of the process
  • the included instructions provide several options for setting, have fun!
My plan is to sew all the blocks, cut all the blocks, trim all the blocks, remove all the papers, then design my blocks. I also have a Jelly Roll of this fabric line....not sure what all will happen here. That is the fun part for me. Playing with the design.  


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