Saturday, April 29, 2017

Under My Needle....Paris!

Under the needle today is a quick little wall hanging panel that showcases the Eiffel Tower and the flowers of Paris in Springtime. I used an embroidery program that stitched out a nice little feather pattern. I am still practicing with these embroidery quilting patterns. Lots more placement practice is going to be needed before I move on to a large quilt.
I ised a large free-form meander stipple to work the borders and the connecting pieces and quite frankly, I don't like it but I am tired of this project so I decided to wrap it up.

Making notes on the project, what I like, what I didn't and how I will change things the next time. I still use a composition book to track plans, project, time spent and costs. It might be a little over-thought at times but that is how I roll. Tried the short cuts, don't work for me. I need to plan and assess outcomes. A hold over from professional life.

Paris, Paris, Paris.
Binding is a simple french fold, in a black Kona that is a magnet for every piece of lint from the batting etc. I will brush it later. I cut my binding and press the fold. I have learned that I need to baste the binding, wrong sides together to avoid the slippy-shift while sewing. I should have attached the walking foot but like I said, I was lazy and wanting to be done with this.
 I hope you can see this. I saw the little hint on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I rolled my prepared binding into a roll and placed the center of the roll onto the peg that holds up the extension table. While attaching the binding it unrolls perfectly from that peg and none of it is on the floor or wrapped around my neck! Love it.
Sorry these pictures are dark, On the right is the binding roll, spindled on the leg of the table. It unrolls to the left and onto the quilt in one easy motion.
 Okey-dokey, that's all for now. As soon as I find my camera, I will post the finish. I am now thinking it must be under the seat in the car and I have to poke around all those wires and things under there. Now I need to find my flashlight! 
  • Do you ever burn out on a project, even a simple one like this?
  • I like quilting small projects free motion or via embroidery on Destiny 2. There is much to learn and so many possibilities.
  • I still haven't had time to try the Westlee templates, that is next on the experimentation project after I do a little project for a friend this week.
  • I am looking at a different quilting machine, not sold yet, I need to do some major rearranging. Might not be up to it. Husband is insisting, he tried the machine out at the quilt show and quite frankly, I think he wants to play with it too! Who knew?

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