Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Applique Skills, A Work in Progress and a Project Complete

Applique, applique, you either like it or you don't. Well, that is my experience. I first started doing some applique work after watching Eleanor Burns on PBS making one of her Baltimore Album a day! Mama Mia, I don't think so but her method is pretty efficient and lends itself well to portability. 
Our Linda has been working on this masterpiece for some time. The applique work is amazing. Very time consuming, she plans to enter it in the Guild show this year....if she completes it!

 So many points, so many circular shapes. Each has their own challenges. But just look at the kaleidoscope of colors and design!
Up close and personal.

Linda is finishing up the fine points and then the binding. I am beyond impressed.
Speaking of impressed, Terri started this sweet table runner last week and has it completed to be gifted. Setting some sort of a land speed record in my terms, she has created one sweet little gift! Also applique, the colors here just bounce right off the fabric. She used the method popularized by Eleanor Burns here. After one traces the shapes onto a piece of fusible interfacing (lightweight) you cut the interfacing and turn it. Push out all those curves and corners then place the shapes where the pattern directs. Fuse them down and stitch them as desired.

 Quilted on her new Baby Lock Coronet quilting machine, the design echo's the open areas in circles. Fun look this one, lots of fun.

 The binding is an extension of the backing. This method was the one used most by the Grandmother who inspired me. Terri used a nice little blanket stitch to secure the binding.

My thoughts:
  • Applique is one of those stitching skills that tends to be a love/hate thing. Of course, the more you do it the more you love it. 
  • Suitable for all skill levels, applique is a great Go project.
  • Did you know that one of the best light tables that I have used is actually the acrylic extension table that I use on my sewing machine. I will show you when I set it up again. Really simple, I just pop a little battery operated puck light or two under the table as it is attached to the machine. I use the presser foot to hold the pattern and fabric down, like a cheater hand! Then trace away.  
  • A go bag or two is a good thing. I seem to spend inordinate amounts of time in waiting rooms. This week one doctor, one car waiting room, one pause between social appointments that is too short to start any house work and too long to waste. What to do? Grab the Go bag and work a little cross-stitch, a little crochet, a little applique. That is how things get done for me, in little bursts of time. Providing I don't fall asleep sitting up.... it has happened.....I am not a good night sleeper and it does eventually catch up :)

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