Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wednesday, One of the Best Days of the Week!

Just had to share this! I am sewing today, something I cannot share because it is so special and so personal for a dear friend. It is the most difficult (emotionally) project I have ever worked on. I plan to work for a few hours on this and then delve into something else for a while.

As quilters we are often asked to use our skills for charity or by personal request. Soon I will be helping a friend de-construct a wedding gown to make a Christening Gown. I have done this in the past, studied the process in an heirloom sewing school. It is more difficult to choose the design elements than the construction. Lace can be very forgiving, so you know.

A sweet little pocket pin cushion tutorial from Jenny. Just click the link.  Remember, Christmas is coming................................

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