Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Week That Will Be: working on some Christmas Projects, I hope.

Sorting through fabrics, setting up task boxes, most likely dreaming.....
While sorting out the Christmas Fabrics I came across several orphan Jelly Rolls that will be used for string quilts. I always have left overs and the best way to use them is to put them all together and string them. I have a horridly busy week ahead and want to set up my projects so that if and when I have some free time (and I don't need a nap) I can work. I plan to bring a machine up to my kitchen after Mr. Sewtopia's surgery to keep an eye and be close. You know, once a nurse, always a nurse.

In the meantime I have found a few interesting quilt-related sites that might interest you. Have a good week, I have an interesting tea time post coming up. I will share Christmas projects that are destined for those who don't read the blog. *don't you just love all this "view from Sunday night enthusiasm?"

I have seen many Big Block quilts over the last few years. This one, using Christmas fabric, really is a cutie.
This pattern and similar ones using the same blocks in a different layout, HERE!

Looking for a way to hang that collection of Mini-quilts without using a hanging sleeve? Check this out!

And last but not least, have you ever heard of Quilt Class Room Etiquette? Well, this post, originally written for a quilting magazine, will have you thinking and maybe remembering some events in a class you had taken! Learn about quilting best behavior:)

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