Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Last Tea of November 2016

 A very dear friend, Julie, recently took the trip of a lifetime to China to attend a friends wedding. Dear woman remembered me and brought back this three piece brew cup. I am thrilled. Since I use all my tea ware this one will be part of the regular queue.

Wow! Thanksgiving is over, Advent is beginning and we are in the busiest season of the year. My  afternoon tea remains a constant in our busy schedule. That said, I am lucky to have great friends who travel and bring me sweet tea related gifts.
Julie Spieckerman's photo.
Julie is second from left, her friend Margret is the bride.

The Imari-style design is classic and yet modern in function.
  • sometimes you meet someone in life and it is providential, such is my friendship with Julie
  • only certain events over the last couple years could have deemed it possible
  • she is honest, strong in spirit, hopeful
  • what more could anyone want in a friend?

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