Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Ladies of the Cloth, Barbra Shares

While the calendar still says August, I could not help but notice that a few tress, on the edge of the wooded area of the back property, are starting to turn. I love the season, love the crisp air, the beautiful colors and all, but I am not sure I am ready for Summer's exit!
I have never wanted to live in an area that did not have seasonal change. I have mentioned before that my life routines are driven by the seasons. I used to live on a street that looked like this one. Our apartment was in the only new building in the row. It was typical 1960's modern but I would have moved into one of the older buildings in a minute. We did have a good parking lot though. Trade-off!

There are no trade-off's in the Ladies of the Cloth group. Let me share some of the items from this weeks show and tell.
 Newest member, Barbra, is an accomplished bag maker. This little cutie was made from some of Jenny's hand-dyed fabric. It is much nicer in person, the color washed out a bit when I took this photo. A long strap over-the-shoulder or cross-body bag it is the perfect size for shopping etc. It has a little pocket inside and the tab snaps. Lovely. Note all the textural quilting. This is a signature of sorts for Barbra. Each of her bags has lovely patterned stitching. It is not only decorative, it provides structure as well.
Modern technology has provided us with new opportunities for making machine lace. With a design program loaded into your machine, beautiful pieces of lace emerge. Take these for example. The blue lace is the finished piece that Barbra then uses for different projects. The pink sachet piece is a finished lavender sachet she has made for a gift. Adorned with pearls and ribbon it would be a perfect bridesmaid or party favor. Lovely. Now, make no mistake, these lace motifs require lots of thread and a fairly long stitching time. The result is beautiful. The small Christmas ball ornament (sorry for the double photo, can't seem to remove one without removing everything:( ) is a charmer. Sequins and lace set the stage for a beautiful tree. Some time ago I had a Victorian themed tree. If I can find the photo I will try to scan it in. It had many similar ornaments.

  • Again I remind everyone, including myself, to spend some time exploring all the features of our machines. They open a world of creativity beyond what we imagined just a few years ago.
  • Sewing groups, be they three or thirty are the foundation upon which our creativity blooms. Try to find one that suits your personality. I don't think that a specific craft makes much difference to most. In our "quilting" group we have every creative skill imagined represented. That is a good thing. 
  • Reach out to someone who would like to be part of your group. Sharing makes us all better people.

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