Sunday, August 7, 2016

It All Started With the Work Box

The plan was to put this away and change the way I worked. That lasted less than an hour. As a result, I had to change everything around.

Looking for ideas is easy in the days of internet and Pinterest.

The back of a door is a great place to add a design wall feature. Just look at this one. Love, love, love it. These are samples displayed in a quilt store.
From The Quilters General Store, via The Timeless Traditions Blog

Keep a Happy Heart

Holy Cow Sewists, I am having a bit of a time. First, I spent some hours getting familiar with the differences between my Babylock Unity and the new Babylock Destiny. While there are many similarities, the Destiny has enhanced everything. Everything. I have sewn on the machine at many events and particularly like the size, it is large. It has a great "solid" feel to it. However, in my studio, size is a problem. You've seen the pictures, so you understand. Now when I have the machine set up with the extension table we are good on the large Ikea desk but manipulating the extension off and putting the embroidery unit on, we are wrestling people. Down for the count. 
I did mange to play with some decorative stitches between cleaning projects. These are some wonky 9 patch left over blocks that will be pillow fronts.

The stitch quality is outstanding, I used a press on-tear away stabilizer on the back to stabilize the fabric.

So clearly, I have some major re-arranging to do. There goes another day without sewing but if I don't have the set up correct I cannot work. Drives me nuts. The organized clutter is a fact of life. I know where everything is. Now, I must change it all up again. I need to have my work-box at hand. (this holds my tools such as a hemostat, pens, tweezers, marking pens, bobbins, bobbin thread, screw drivers etc.) I need to have all those seldom used but necessary parts in one place. (specialty feet for the machine, the two spool thread rack, special markers for embroidery, templates etc.)    
She is a big girl, with embroidery unit about 46 inches.

I want to come up with a door display like the one above. I did have something similar several years ago, now I have to remember where I put the bulletin boards.....................
With her extension table, about 52 inches. Here she is in her new home, where the sergers used to live.
left side of desk, three stacked units, two with embroidery threads and the bottom stack with glues, tape, and misc. other items that needed a home. The work box is on the far right. Large rulers are hung on the wall as well as the assorted embroidery hoops. Note the framed picture on the far left? The caption is "And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon." My theme song.

The Ovation serger and the Embellisher are now on the IKEA desk.
  • I love mechanical things, always have.
  • thus the sewing machine passion
  • I had planned to show some embroidery today but I am having an issue with the embroidery unit
  • call the man tomorrow and find out why the unit is 1/2  inch short from locking into place
  • I have been fussing in my sleep trying to figure it out
  • always something, you know!  
  • this corner of the studio is done, again and hopefully for good.


ELMO said...

That Destiny is a behemoth!!! wow

celkalee said...

It is but it also has a 16 inch hoop! Yeah!

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