Friday, August 12, 2016

Evolving Talent, Stunning Dyed Fabrics

Fabric, fabric dyes, ice cubes....who knew? In her work, Jenny, from The Ladies of the Cloth Group, has demonstrated how she creates these beautiful pieces of fabric. This is just one of the fabrics she shared this week. Interestingly, each section of the fabric displays different character. In addition, the stray pink, yellow, or blue specks are apparently from a tiny residual left in the dye pot from a previous project. Jenny knows she cleans it well between dye lots but somewhere, somehow they appeared to grace this piece and a great show they made!

This is the same fabric, different area, different view.
So is this! Beautiful.
We were studying the patterns looking for creatures hidden in the design.
Greens with the yellow and blues from the dye breaking through.
This one looks like fine grained marble to me. 

I am so impressed with Jenny's talent for this art form. Quilters are talented people and frequently branch out into other mediums. Personally, I find that I need to try to limit my different passions, I get distracted and then finish nothing. In a recent conversation, someone mentioned a phrase that has sort of settled in on me. Stay in your own lane. I like it, I am going to embroider it on something :)

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ELMO said...

These really are fabulous, they remind me of the Hubble photos.

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