Saturday, June 18, 2016

Artists Who Happen to Quilt

I've said it before and I will say it again, many of the quilters I know are much more than quilters, they are artists. Working in various mediums, their talent and genius shine through many fibers, this one, by Jenny (The Ladies of the Cloth) is a perfect example. Branching into wool spinning and knitting..... felting was in her radar as well.

She shared this stunning piece at our Tuesday gathering and I was smitten. I have tried it now and then but honestly haven't really put my heart into it and quite frankly, I am not an artist. Jenny added some embellishments that really enhance the piece.

I will let these close-ups speak for themselves.  Thank you Jenny for sharing your work!



ELMO said...

Very pretty!! Loads of questions here, are the flowers formed first and then felted onto the black wool? background? How the heck do you stitch over all that fluff without pulling it up? and lastly can this be drycleaned?

celkalee said...

Last question first, I don't know. Maybe a specialty cleaner could hand it but like most delicate and textured pieces it would be tricky. I would use the archivist method of a light vacumn over a piece of fine tulle. Dust would be lifted but the fibers preserved.

These fibers were felted in place. The black background felt is very thick, probably 1/4 inch or a little more. And very stable. I will need to find out the source. Then a needle felter is used. Laying down fine layers of fiber and building up as you go to create the dimension and texture. The angelina and beads etc, were applied after felting. I think that the flowers could be pre-made and felted to the base without any problems but I have never tried it. I have felted larger pieces making a 'fabric' of sorts then cut the figural item to shape. I like to use my Babylock 12 needle felter for work like that, much easier on the hands!

Lastly, the felting needles have wicked barbs that actually force the fibers together and marry the wools (or silks) well. Sometimes you will see people secure the back of their work with a fusible interfacing.

Felting is fun and very "organic!" I sort of dislike that term but in this case it is true. Those little sheep give it up for us, can't get too much more organic than that!

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