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“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” — RALPH WALDO EMERSON

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Noise of Life and Sewn Meditation & Happy Mother's Day USA

Just for the record, I have not gone off the deep end! Not that it isn't possible, Ha. My idea is really a simple one. When you sew, like to sew and find time to sew it can be meditative particularly when one is performing routine and repetitive tasks. In keeping with my bits and pieces process I did get some work done this week.

On a recent day I found myself surrounded by the noise of life. Television at an ear splitting decibel level, telephone ringing over and over, conversations blathering on and on and on and on. A break point was reached. How to deflate the stress? A few long deep breaths always help but we were beyond that I must say, way beyond.
Now, do not laugh. (it would be rude you know!) I use the plate marking, the 1/4 inch foot and the guide beam to get my scant 1/4 inch foot. Sort of a triple dog dare you type of sewing :)

I had prepped a couple projects for such an occasion so I had my answer. Off to the studio, close the door, no TV, no radio just the hum of the machine and the sound of a lightly snoring Labrador Retriever.

I had opened two packs of charm squares, Barcelona by Moda, and paired them right sides together for stitching. Using the Jenny Doan method for sewing half square triangles I just sewed one after the other. The method I refer to is here. I like this for several reason: it is quick, it does not require a pencil and you are not sewing on a bias edge.  

I like to use these little half-squares as borders or sashing. They pop and add lots of dimension. Do I have a specific plan for these (?), well, no but when it comes to me Tootsie they will be ready. Know what I mean?
  • this week was a doozie, MIL in hospital x2, Alzheimers is a devastating disease. Each day is more difficult, my time for sewing is very limited. That is why my presence here has decreased, just sew you know. 
  • I did manage to attend the Anita Good Design Event, sponsored by Babylock and Gloria Horn Sewing Studios. It was great and I met some former sewing friends and some new ones. This "group sewing" method of learning is really beneficial.  
  • More on the Embroidery world in a future post. 
  • After I finish cutting these blocks, I have to finish my BOM #2 and cut BOM #3. The Pat Sloan Secret Garden Blocks will be my focus this week. 
*for my absolute favorite iron-to-use-while piecing,  here at the Vermont Country Store. ps, it's on sale! I have used this iron for years and years, it is not fancy and it steams just right for setting those stitches and opening or pressing seams. Ironing and I have a storied past. I burn them up on a regular basis. I have had the TOL Rowentas (more than I care to count) and the Olisio I still use but it is not my favorite. **as always no compensation received or implied.


Jeanneke said...

Moda's 'Barcelona' is beautiful, just like the real town in Spain, which city map is also included in the 'Barcelona' design on the fabric.
I made a wonderful quilt in Double Hourglass pattern for one of my sons. He loved it, but unfortunately it got lost. Another beauty is made to replace it.
Blessings and love,


celkalee said...

I think these fabrics are beautiful as well. Since I only have two charm packs I am on the search for more. It is modern but traditional as well. Hope you are well. So sorry your quilt was lost but so glad things are going well.