Friday, April 15, 2016

What Could it Be?

Are you having a little flash back? Ring any bells? No these are not fancy worms but loops of cotton fabric to be used for.......wait for it.....Potholders!

Who knew that potholder looms now come in a Professional Model? I sure didn't.
OK, so here's the back story. Last weekend on our way to a beer can collectors swap event (don't even ask) I had to pass one of my favorite wool/knit shops. (Natural Stitches, near Bakery Square in East Liberty, a section of the city of Pittsburgh) While drooling and acting like a rube over the stunningly beautiful yarns Husband was cruising the back of the store. There were spinning wheels of every size and nature that were not on my radar and lo and behold, these cute little looms! Did you have one as a child? I did and made a million or so potholders.  The looms come in this large 10 inch size and a smaller size, 6 inches I think. Husband was instantly in love when he saw the little flag in the lower right corner, Made in America. Even if I didn't want it I would have to get it because if it is made here he buys it, want it or not. (again, don't ask...and he calls me a hoarder!)

photo from a prior visit, the spinning wheels.
A fun porch project, I finished one just rocking away on the back porch. Please note I broke the pattern on the top edge. A distraction of sorts but I have decided it adds character. This is my favorite work basket. It is a Pennsylvania Basket Company basket labeled Cape Cod. I have many of their baskets. They are my favorites by far. This one is so good for projects like this. It is sturdy with a nice flat bottom and holds lots of stuff, including this 10 inch loom.
I had fun, I had flashbacks, I have lots more loops (thank you Husband) so be prepared. More in the wings. (((insert smiles here)))

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