Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Ladies of the Cloth Share Their Projects

Wow, it had been a while since I was able to have a healthy and free Tuesday to attend my sewing group. I sure missed it. Terri has such an artistic eye. She used a strip of knit ribbing to make a scarf. She embellished it with lovely little cut-out of upholstery fabric formed into contemporary leaves and a flower. Too cute! She added some buttons for embellishment and held the scarf in place with an orphan earring!

The upholstery fabric has been pinked. The flower motif was enhanced by a little piece of foam to give it dimension. Love, love, love the texture.
 Next on the agenda is this stunning scarf knit in a chevron pattern. Beautiful Terri.
This wall hanging size quilt is the WOW of the day. Just look at the intricate piecing! The machine quilting is perfect for this geometric design. Not bad for a new quilter, right? This piece proves that Terri is no longer any where near a beginner. Great work.
Many of us in the group have one project we bring every week. I am one of those. This is Susan's current piece. Notice all the intricate piecing. Her color sense is remarkable. Not traditional in any sense but translated patterns and colors always balance. Beautiful.
See what I mean? Beautiful fabrics.
Our charity work continues. This little loom-made cap is one such example. Knit from Buttercream Luxe Craft yarn these Boucle yarns 88% acrylic and 12%  nylon. I have a few of these in the stash as well and love the texture, but I have to say they are a tedious knit or crochet. The fibers are very thin and loopy and my hook gets caught up and knitting....well just forget that. I will likely use a loom to work up a few items as well. I am not sure if this was Linda's or Pat's project. In any case so nice. I believe these are going to the Pittsburgh Ronald McDonald House.
And as they say in the movie biz....."That's a Wrap!" 

As if anyone needs a reason to visit Paris! Check out the non-touristy places this article recommends. Where is my passport???


Beatrice Wins said...

I'm wishing the author of this blog would have given herself credit for serging the ribbed base of the featured scarf. Without that contribution this project never would have come to be!!

celkalee said...

It was the machine in the authors studio that did it!

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