Monday, January 25, 2016

A This and That Post for Monday

Wow, thread and canvas and lot of talent! Louise Gardiner demonstrates her process for machine embroidery. Much, much more than simple machine embroidery, her process is layered canvas, fabric painting, embroidery and embellishment. This short video shows her at work in her UK studio! 

Shannon Ables explores bravery in life in this post and podcast. Provocative insights will inspire and motivate you to examine how you live your life and can be translated into your creative process!

Scrap and Strip management. Always a discussion among quilters, using those left over fabrics is a creative and efficient way to make the best of your fabric resources. I have taken to cutting 1 1/2, 2 1/2 strips as well as 4 and 5 inch strips. I use my Go Cutter when possible. If the fabric piece is small it goes into squares. Everything from 21/2 inches and up are recruited and stored. I like to use the plastic stacking drawers for many purposes and find that I actually need a new one for storage. (Joann's has everyday storage items on sale this week and until Feb. 10)   Here is a little video of the Gourmet Quilter and her storage solutions.

And the ultimate scrap quilter, Bonnie Hunter, has a well-oiled system as well. Here is the link to a Bonnie Hunter post from 1/25/16, she is using old shirts, cut into 8 inch squares, made into half square triangles. The magic happens on the re-cut!

Have a lovely day.
Lots of snow here, but not as much as our poor neighbors East. Hoping you are well and warm dear friends.
Fighting some melancholia, that tells me to get busy and get to work.
Today I have many more aprons to cut and make. I do this to myself, I cannot complain. 
I have studied my UFO project of the month. I know why it is a UFO. Possibly a tosser? Maybe not! I hate, hate, hate to waste.

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