Monday, December 14, 2015

Who Doesn't Like a Monday? New Kitchen Curtains.

You do not have to answer that. This Monday I wanted to share a quick curtain project. I change my kitchen curtains like other people change their underwear. Why? I spend so much time there that I need some diversity with seasonal touches. This is the second set of these that I made for these windows, the others had been washed and dried to limp.
This is the eat-in section of my kitchen. This is quilting fabric and starched for the blouson effect.

This toile was hanging around in a drawer for a while since I made these. A simple make, I cut the fabric length to 2/3 of the length of the window + 4 inches for the header. I did serge all the raw edges, folded the header to fit the rod, stitched it down, then applied the binding that I cut from another piece of odd fabric that just happened to have woven stripes. Since I had more of that I made the ties to blouson the panel from that.   Since this fabric was 45 inches wide I cut another length in half, 22 inches and added it to each side of the main panel to make it wider. *I call this use what you have.
That's all. The smaller window is exactly the same.
  • I will not buy simple curtains. I priced some similar to this and the large one would price out around $60.00 and there wasn't even an option for the smaller one. 
  • Sometimes I buy yardage that is quilt weight fabric but can be adapted for decor with a little starch, works for me. 
  • Are you wondering about the whole black and white thing at Christmas? These colors go nicely with red. There are pops of red in the kitchen for the holiday, nice contrast.


Jeanneke said...

I like this so very much. You got me thinking instantly of sewing a nice kitchen curtain for my own kitchen, which has already red painted walls of itself.
There's quite a nice pile of fabrics up in my Little Walhalla :>)
Thanks for sharing.
Love and blessings!


celkalee said...

Thank You, not really a big deal. I do this frequently, particularly with yardage that just does not suit anything quilty! I will try to remember to take photo's of these projects to share. Try it, you will like it!