Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Saturday Share: Book Covers

Hold on to your fabric scraps Sewists, here is a cutie. You can certainly substitute any fabric here. These are Riley Blake fabrics, clean, fresh, modern, colorful. But if you are thinking of covering your Wardrobe Journal for the project I am thinking a nice little tweed or gabardine might look really cool. (does anyone say cool anymore, I am revealing my generation!)

The tutorial is geared to a composition book, One of my favorite Journal tools, but any size or type of book will work. In the preparations for The Wardrobe Project, you might want to think about this. I am thinking that it would be a good idea for me because I have several on-going journals in the studio, and here and there if truth be told, and it would identify that one to my wandering eye.

What do you think?   Pop on over and get the facts and the items you will need, Riley Blake Designs.
  •  I will likely use a fusible interfacing rather than a quilt batting. Reduce the bulk and make it easier for the book to open.
  • I will likely spray some kind of fabric protector on the fabric as well, if I decide to use a light color. I never, ever cease to be amazed at how smudges land here or there.

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