Monday, December 7, 2015

First Monday of the Month Means Mending

It's been a while since I discussed the Mending Monday feature. How many times can you read about hems and buttons, am I right? So this one is a bit different.
See that facing on the left side near the top? I did not manipulate the fabric, that facing just had to creep forward!

About a year or so ago I bought a cute little jacket, a popular designers RTW line. Beautiful knit fabric, quality stitching and a well drafted pattern that fits very well because of the lines.
See what I mean, flopping facings!

But wearing it presented a singular problem right down the front, on each side of the front zipper there are facings, about 2 inches wide. They are not secured to the jacket proper. They flop about and drive me nuts because I am always fussing with them. Every single time I wore the jacket I said to myself, I have to fix these. I never remembered until now.

On a warm day recently I wore this jacket. It was a windy day and those facing were flopping around like a carp on the riverbank!

Enter the famous silk thread.  I pinned the facing to the jacket interior with a smidge of ease so they didn't look puckered when tacked down.
My favorite silk thread.

An unfortunate hanger shot of the completed work. Please note that the zipper closes nice and flat and the tacked facings are imperceptible. Yeah!
A through-the-window shot of one of my "Girls." We have a rather large deer herd in our little forest. These three girls, Anna, Bea and Crystal, yearlings, hang out right near the house. I can peer out my back windows and see them bedded down on the very edge of the lawn, all the time. We have witnessed this behavior for years. The young girls stay close to us for the first year or so then assimilate to the herd. I have watched them grow from little spotted wobbly leg new borns. In spite of the fact that the little buggers are shrub and flower eaters, I cannot bear to see them hurt. I do not permit hunting here. Just can't do it.  

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ELMO said...

I don't think we see enough of your wardrobe.

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