Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Mid-Week Wardrobe Update: Traveling for Thanksgiving

"...Over the meadow and through the woods to Dear Son's house we go."  This is going to be a casual Holiday. No fancy dress but certainly posh casual. In the middle of planning my cooking schedule for the week I remembered that He keeps his house cool. He calls it cool, I call it cold. In the past he has compromised and cranked the heat and added another log or two to the fire to accommodate his Mum. With all the prep and cooking etc. I have decided this HOT Son of mine needs to be comfortable in his own home so I am going to wear an extra layer of clothing. To the rescue, Janice of the Vivienne Files. The ultimate casual travel wardrobe. Comfy knit pants, a little white T and an over blouse ( I haven't decided on the blue or lavender shirt and cardigan yet.). A delicious cashmere cardigan and eternity scarf with top it off. Each layer is versatile and removable. Comfy loafers and my tote bag and I am good to go. The food goes in large baskets made by Pennsylvania Basket Company. One sturdy handle, lightweight, easy to carry. Visit Janice Here!

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