Thursday, November 19, 2015

Planning the Holiday Week

Is this not a stunning quilt? Even the stippling was done by hand! The dimensional flowers are just popping right off the background.

It is a busy week for me and for you too I suppose if you live in the US. Thanksgiving is one of those Holidays when many people travel, tote food and sometimes even early Christmas gifts. My Son is cooking this year, he has for many years. I am required only to bring pies. In the beginning I would make 8 to 10 pies, three or four different kinds. This year 2 pies, one kind, Pumpkin. We are a small group now.

I am also baking the quick breads for our annual post Thanksgiving Morning Mass tea social. I need to start the Biscotti and some other freezable cookies as well. In addition, it is noodle making time. One of my favorite noodle gifts are Spaetzle noodles. I use a traditional maker and cook the noodles in chicken stock and garnish with fresh parsley. It is one of those requested items that I make for the Holidays. I know, it is a little odd but middle European ethnic foods are very popular here. Not many people learned how to make them but remember them at the Christmas table.

My dear friend who lost his battle with cancer this Summer requested his noodles during chemo. It was one of the few foods he could tolerate.  Miss you Zip.


ELMO said...

What a beautiful quilt, wow. Are you going to make pierogies?

celkalee said...

I know, isn't it stunning? All hand done too. Pierogy day is Dec. 5th for Christmas Eve Wagilia. They freeze well. I am actually having a class. Come on up!

ELMO said...

I wish I could, I ate at "Little Poland" the last time I was in NYC, they had the best pierogies, potato, sauerkraut, cheese served with a special sauce (very light cream sauce) they were to die for. The pastry was crunchy, the filling was soft, and the sauce creamy, of course it was my first time eating them, so I'm no expert.

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