Friday, November 13, 2015

Greetings, Salutations and Hello

The Frick Mansion Museum in the snow. I have toured this modest mansion many times, every season. Winter is a good time, Christmas decor goes up soon. I will be there.

Last week I went to a local quilt show. Such a nice show, lots of antique quilts mixed in with the new ones. With our fancy tools and cutting devices etc. we forget just how different quilting was just a few years ago. When quilting was a 'hobby' or quilts were made for purposes of utility. Everyone needs a warm blanket.

Here are a few pics from that show, The Martha Washington Quilters Guild, Washington, Pa..

Isn't this quilt beautiful? It is pieced and hand quilted. I had permission to photograph the show, by the way.
 Look at the happy colors here. The 1930's fabrics (these are likely reproductions) are still very popular here.
This dear lady is the maker. 

Some things I know or wish I knew, and some general observations :
  • (feel free to move on, I am mostly thinking out loud here)
  • I have never worn camo, I never will.
  • Not even pink or blue camo, no-no. 
  •  So how long should you wait for ordered food before you question the waitress? Not fast food stuff, real food. 
  • Did you know that children in France do not have ADHD diagnosis? I read an article the other day that sort of surprised me. The research indicated processed food and and lack of physical activity seem to be indicators. Holy Ritalin Batman! How long and how much will it take for things to change here?
  • Is it peculiar to want to tell vendors that messy fabric displays just do not work for me? If I wanted a flea market experience I wouldn't be paying $10.95 a yard, more or less. Right? 
  • There is just no way that wearing pyjama's in public is OK. Not even new PJ's!
  • I love my Kindle, never thought I would. Thank You Mr.
  •  Friday, I will sew today.


kate steeper said...

Have to disagree with the camo , though the pink is horrifying . I have an excuse we live in between 3 huge air bases , so everybody wears camo, even if they just work at the bases . Though RAF overalls seem to be the current favourite for taking the kids to school for most of the parents

celkalee said...

Hi Kate, I have to admit that fashion trends rather pass me by these days. I am painfully traditional I suppose. The younger ladies look downright cute in colored camo. I had just seen a TV program showing camo clothing that was so poorly fitted to the models I suppose that it tainted my view. Then later in the day I stopped in a little town where camo is regular daily wear and couldn't help but notice that even ladies my age were ready to don their guns and hit the woods for deer. For them it is not fashion, it is clothing.

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