Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Mid-Week Post for The Wardrobe Plan, 2016

This is my dress form, Bertie. She is wearing a nice little silk cami  (I took a fascinating lingerie class and plan to make more pieces to suit the new wardrobe) but my oh my, Berties girls are showing a bit of strain. Looks like I need to add some inches to the pattern there! This will be a component added to the plan.  * photo is old but not a whole lot has changed in the shape and size here, just so you know.

The Plan, Your Plan, My Plan.
Probably one of the most interesting part of the process for me is to look at the big picture, break it down and sort out the key components. By doing this, I become more organized and intent. What ever your process, the planning is important. It is a commitment to yourself to do something for yourself, something you enjoy.

During this run-up time don't forget to make time for working on your plan. I choose to use a notebook as a journal, you may prefer to set up a system in your computer. With the holidays upon us don't forget to work in some ideas, toss them around, stop at the store that sells patterns, study the books, study your own books and reference material.
Check your machines, make sure they are clean and functioning properly. If you are in the market for a new machine now is a good time to shop. Some good Holiday deals out there. Remember that our machines are investments, take care of your machines! Make sure you have a nice new sharp assortment of machine and hand sewing needles. A Sewist is only as good as her equipment, unless you are one of those couture hand sewing miracle workers, I am not! 

If you are so inclined, make a little wish list for Holiday gifts. If you need a new pair of scissors this might be the time. Last Summer I  purchased a new pair of KAI dressmakers shears. Be still my little heart!  I also discovered the use  of silk thread for basting in a class by Claire Schaeffer years ago. I added that to my list. Basic colors, easy to find, my gifter is happy too!

This following little segment is one of those think out loud things. Sort of my personal testament to set the project off right. For me. I have been tossing around a new plan for personal life. It actually evolved as a result of this project. I know, beyond any doubt, that I want to do this but I also know that my time was going to be very compromised if I do this correctly. While I have been on the fence for some time, this project gave me the impetus to follow my heart, thank you to those who shared and interest and got me out of my own rut. This project is not really important in the whole scope of life thing, of course,  but it firmly defines how the Sewist must set priorities for herself, too. 

* In my personal and professional life, planning has been my life structure. Like many, I have led a very busy and engaged life. Now that I am retired I find that while I did not have to contend with the workplace anymore, it has taken me several years to sort it all out. I don't want to pressure myself all the time to get this done, or do that, or call here and go there. No, I want to live differently, is that not the whole idea of retirement?

Over the time since retirement I have picked up lots of activities and organizations and 'duties.' Guess what happened? I lost the joy in doing things, my time was becoming more and more limited to do what I want to do. This was clearly brought home in the recent year with dear friends dealing with dreadful illness and some ultimately coming to the end of their lives. I don't want to be the one saying "I should have done this" or " I wish I gone there!"

Over the last month I have made some very difficult decisions. If I am going to be able to travel as we wish, I need to loosen the ties that will prevent that. As a result, I have decided to leave some organizations that literally will take every last scrap of my time or a couple that just don't work into my planned calendar. Not easy, really, but this is the right decision for now. I still have every intention of doing what I can behind the scenes but my involvement must change. That's all, just thinking out loud. Have a great day!

Patty from the Sungbug shares her planning process and offers free printables, if you are interested.

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