Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quilts as Seen on Facebook

Good Morning Quilting Friends. As I attempt to find the 'right' place to hang a small quilted project, I wondered if I am the only one who struggles with this. I occasionally remove a painting or picture and pop a quilt in its place. Of course, I refrain from sun exposure, even in the best fabrics, sun fade will occur.

Seasonal decorating provides an opportunity to drag out those large and small quilts that echo nature at this time of year.

Too good not to share, the pics in this Facebook post caught my eye. Beth Habermehl posted these on July 31st. after a family reunion. Here is the link to her page.I gather that these quilts were hung for a short time, just during the reunion. I would worry that the sunshine would fade the fabrics, that would be a disaster. They are lovely, country and quaint.

Another perfect Fall day in the works here. My absolute favorite. My thoughts are with a dear friend with whom I have shared Fall festivals for many years. As she struggles with a dreadful illness it is my hope and prayer that the beauty of the season will strengthen her resolve. 

*please excuse the duplicate photo, blogger added it and will not let me remove it. Ahhh, technology!

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