Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lets Make Some Towels, Tea Time Towels

So what's new in the Sewtopia land of Tea? I like to change up my IKEA make-do tea cart regularly. It is a happy corner of my dining room. Using new and vintage linens as well as changing up the tea cups and pots is a ritual that I have embraced for years. We do have more tea events in the cold weather here, but Summer tea has it's own character, it's own flair. Flowers play a big part in setting the scene. In Summer my gardens supply the decor, in Winter, I pop over to the supermarket cooler and grab a little bundle or two. I have been known to pick some 'weeds' here and there to pop into little vases around the house.  If you cannot find the flowers you want, use floral fabric in your linens and serve ware.

As a mid-afternoon pick-me-up a nice little cup of tea and maybe a little nibble can refresh and revive the sewist in the middle of a creative spurt. (I am still looking for the spurt, just so you know. Still laboring through this low productivity phase!)

A Little Quaint or "Granny" as they say......
While scanning for tea ideas to share I found this little cutie, no source was identified but not difficult to replicate.
I look at this as an opportunity to use up fabric scraps in your color scheme, to pop some shiny rayon thread in the sewing machine and run up some decorative stitches that are just waiting for a purpose or work on your applique skills in a small format before tackling a larger applique project.

Now, about the teapot hanger, I am not so sure. It is cute, functional, but not me. It has a very 'cottage' feel and while I do like that style of decor and have experimented in the past (In our Summer Cottage, that we sold, big mistake!)  and I loved it. For week-ends and vacations but not full time. I find it is a style that does not play well with other styles. It tends to look cutesy, if anything, I am not cutesy!

Have a lovely late Summer/Early Fall transition day. It is cool here and supposed to warm through the day. 

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