Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fabric Scraps and Little Quilts

Good ideas, we all have them. How many times do we act on them? In my Ladies of the Cloth group we have lots and lots of ideas floating around every week. We are a practical group of stitchers and try to use our fabrics to their best advantage. Even after a quilt top has been completed we deal with the scraps.

 Fabric scraps, we all have them, nothing to be ashamed of. The guilt factor surfaces when the pile gets too big and we don't know what to do with them. One of our Ladies of the Cloth members has a genius knack of using her scraps (and those of other people!) so well.
Enter this little quilt, top just completed by Mary Jane. Apparently these fabrics are decades old from excursion the group made to an estate sale. The pattern is the twisted nine patch. Ahem...I have a few of those in progress as well. The little quilt clearly proves that small quilts can be accomplished with your scraps and a decision to finish the piece. Green fabrics were very popular when the fabrics were purchased and tempering those greens with some other shades of green, a few pops of color and a nice little contrasting border makes a nice finish.
Another story about small quilts involves the Linus Project. One of our members, Pat, is very active in our local group and recently attended their retreat in Charm, Ohio. Here are her three little challenge quilts produced there. Using three one yard pieces of fabrics she produced three little quilts! These are recommended by the organization because the size is versatile. In the event of Police removing children from a bad situation or just protecting them during a fire or other disaster, this size, approximately 36 inches by 42 inches is just right. In addition, they are large enough to wrap around larger and elderly shoulders.

Such a great idea. Cutting out three quilts at once, mix up the segments, stitch them back together and three different quilts result. Any fabric would work. Expanding on the theory one could cut the three layers of fabric in any configuration, reassemble and an original piece would result.

  •  Some time ago I saw a quilting show on television that took this three fabric three quilt method in a very different direction. That person, do not remember who, cut the fabrics in wavy lines, three or four times in rows and reassembled the pieces mixing up the three fabrics. She had a name for the pattern as well. At the time I thought it was genius, I didn't write it down so even if it is in the memory banks I can not give attribution. 
  • Small quilts are the backbone of Service Projects for many groups and guilds. 
  • Using our scraps for small quilts can be very rewarding.
  • It is a Sew All Day Day for me, I hope :)))))) 

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