Thursday, May 28, 2015

Well, Now This Looks Familiar...........Spring Market 2015

Sharon Hansen, TRQ Best of Show, Best Long Arm Quilting 2014 (the blog author's photo had a copy right stamp attached to it so I deleted it and found my own photo of the quilt from the show. Mine is better anyway. I am not sure how a photo of someone else's work at an open public show can be copy righted. Except that it was published on her blog. Attribution is one thing but a copy right, on a mediocre photo. I don't know. Yes, I am still bemoaning that whole issue.!) 

OK, so here I was scanning some quilting posts forwarded from a friend and I came upon a new-to-me blog named Inbox Jaunt. (here ) Lori, the author, was sharing photo's from the recent Spring Market and as soon as I saw this quilt I knew that I knew it. She did not specifically state where it was hung I am assuming it was hung with an exhibit of quilts that had won awards. If you are local you have seen this at the Three Rivers Quilt Guild Show. It is one of Sharon Hansen's beauties. This was in our 2014 show.
  • The TRQ Show is fortunate to have had so many great entries over the years.
  • When I come upon a blog I have not read before I am always amazed at the different styles of quilting documented. At the same time it is a small world. Isn't it?
  • Since I saw the Mad Men finale I have been singing the Coca-Cola commercial in my head. If you would like to hear the original version by The New Seekers, from 1972, and have it bounce around in your head as well, click here!!!
  • Or the original Coca-Cola commercial here!!!! Now don't tell anyone but I actually woke up this morning singing this in my head. I wonder how that happens?
  • And last but not least, Don Draper free thinking in the last scene here. I am going to miss him.  
  • This is my Sew all day Day so have a good one too. 

The full blog post here!

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