Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Ladies of the Cloth and Their Fibers

In our area we sometimes experience more than one season per day. Yes, it is cold and miserable with the air conditioning and on with the furnace. A good time to discuss wool and knitting...yes?
As a group The Ladies of the Cloth have multiple and varied interests in the thread and fiber world. Yarn is often the topic since we have a couple outstanding knitters in our group. The crochet crowd is equally as talented and share their work regularly. Yarn is one of those things that can mesmerize you easily if you let it. The source, the hand, the way it takes dyes, and its ply and tensile strength all contribute to its character and how if affects the final product. Jenny brought the great little fellow above to share, isn't he adorable?
 Terri shared this beautiful scarf to illustrate how rayon yarns work up to an amazingly drape-able piece. The colors are stunning and the pattern enhances the colors well.
Self patterning yarns open a world of possibilities for the knitter/crochet enthusiast.
Another beautiful piece, this shawl (also by Terri) is a soft and cozy little addition to any wardrobe. I believe she said the yarn was a silk and wool combination.  Little beads are knitted into the pattern.
 Note how the thread transitions from color to color by changing just one ply of the yarn in the weaving process. See the little bead in the mid-left center of the photo?
And then we have the glorious little balls of underbelly fibers from the Pygmy goat or Alpacca (sorry I forget!) . How sweet they are!

Can you believe how cute my feet are? He said. Till next time..................
  • New to quilting but not new to knitting Terri's yarn stash qualifies as significant as any quilter.
  • I play around with knitting a bit. I need instruction to be more comfortable with it. I have a couple Craftsy classes in the queue but I need to sit down and pay attention to them. One of these days!
  • I love to crochet, I can do it blind-folded almost. Crochet always came fairly easy for me after my first lesson. That surprises me because I am not usually a quick study.
  • Always a portable craft, a knitting or crochet project is a nice past-time for the creative spirit. 
  • On a personal note, I taught someone to crochet some time ago and was recently informed she is dropping the craft. Like an old shoe. That made me very sad.  I believe that was the intent. I have no intention of not working on a crochet project now and then.  In fact I have a pattern for some cute head bands that I never got to work on this Winter. I think I will revisit that plan and get a head start for the holidays, remember Christmas in July is coming up soon!
Speaking of wool, Lisa of Lil Fish Studios, shows you how to make a solid wool felted stone here. 

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